Conservation Reports

Conservation Report -February, 2016
From Anne Hammond

Cadmium chloride is a nasty, dangerous compound used as a coating for thin-film solar cells.  Now an English team has found Magnesium chloride is non-toxic, abundant, costs about 300 times less, and is easily sprayed on.
(Scientific American, Sep. 2014)

Fracking in U.S. is causing more social, economic, and environmental problems than it solves.  Employment rates drop and social problems increase as high school male drop-outs become trapped permanently in low skill and low education roles.  Violent crime, STDs, traffic deaths, and rents rise in areas with increased fracking.  In drought-stricken NM, fracking consumed 1.3 billion gal. of water which becomes toxic, unusable… Renewables are commercially available today.

(Earth Justice, Nov 2015)

Conservation Report – January, 2016
From Anne Hammond
As costs plummet, solar systems are going up. Last year solar batteries accounted for almost 30% of U.S. capacity. Reliable batteries could make rooftop systems independent of the grid (which the electric companies are, as expected, fighting.)
(Scientific American, 11-2014)

After more than a decade of fighting, the US Navy has agreed to limit deadly sonar & explosions during training.
(Nat’l Resources Defense Council, 9/14/15)

A routine termite pesticide treatment of a home can cause traumatic brain injury.
(Beyond Pesticides, 9-14-15)

A study published in “Pediatrics”, finds that children exposured to pesticides in & around the home increases the risks of certain childhood cancers.
(Beyond Pesticides, 9/21/15)


Conservation Report – October, 2015

From Anne Hammond

The FL Everglades used to be bigger than NJ, but development & farming have taken over more than 1/2, polluting water and blocking its path to the south end of the wetlands.  Several projects hope to undo some of the damage: 1) 6 mi. of the Tamiami Tr., now acting as a dam, will be bridged.  2) State & Fed. Partners are constructing pumps, levees, & canals meant to clean water before it flows south.  3)  Big ag is fighting a plan for FL to acquire about 50,000 acres of sugar farm land to store & treat water that previously had been diverted to the Atlantic and gulf.
(Nat’l Parks, summer ’15)

Carcinogenic Glyphosate (Roundup) linked to DNA damage leading to cancer, as residues are found in bread.  Pyrethroid pesticide use increases rates of ADHD in children and young teens.  CT bans toxic lawn pesticides in municipal playgrounds statewide.  (At least some people are not corrupt.)
(Beyond Pesticides, 7/10, 6/8, 7/27/15)