Cleveland Natural Science Club

Natural Science Advocacy Since 1924

Our Mission:

­ • Promote the Study of the Natural Sciences

­ • Cultivate an Appreciation of the Great Outdoors

­ • Encourage the Conservation of Our Natural Resources

­ • Protect Plant & Animal Wildlife


The Cleveland Natural Science Club has been providing nature education services to Greater Clevelanders since 1931.  The Club was founded in 1924 by student natural science teachers from the Education College of Western Reserve University.


In 1931, the Club got its first clubhouse, and they named it Look About Lodge.  When the Club grew, they built a new and larger clubhouse, which is today’s Look About Lodge.  Interesting facts about the history of the Cleveland Natural Science Club and their clubhouse, Look About Lodge, are provided on this website under Historical Highlights.  A complete history of the Cleveland Natural Science Club and Look About Lodge is provided in a book titled Lodge Spirit.  Copies are available at

Cleveland Natural Science Club Today

inside-512-288Today, the Club meets on the first Saturday of the month from January through November.  A presentation on a natural science subject is made at 7:30 PM, and it is open to the public.  For program details, go to the Monthly Programs section of this website.


Since its founding, one of the Cleveland Natural Science Club’s missions has been nature conservation.  At each meeting, a report on conservation is presented to the Club members and guests.  Summaries of these presentations will be provided in the Conservation section of this website when it is developed.


The Cleveland Natural Science Club is seeking new members who are interested in nature and the founding mission of the Club.  For more information, go to the Membership section of this website.

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